Global Portfolio Advisors, ltd

Proven, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-country wealth management business building strategies – backed by 20 years of experience and innovation.

From our roots as the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States, GPA has evolved into a premier global service provider. After nearly three decades of expansion and change – culminating in the 2005 sale of Linsco/Private Ledger – our comprehensive institutional service offerings remain a driving force in the world’s rapidly evolving financial services marketplace.

Our stand-alone online clearing strategies and operations – developed and tested internationally over the last 20 years, servicing more than $100 billion in assets globally – provide institutions with state-of-the art wealth management tools at the advisor level, and the best practices of the US and Europe.

Our proven, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-company solution provides institutions with enhanced profitability, country-specific back office operations, and first-quality advisor resources including online portfolio building, standardized client presentations, risk management, and omnibus record keeping. At every level, GPA remains positioned to provide the highest-quality advisor resources available, and the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

GPA Whitepaper

To learn more about our technology and services, download our comprehensive overview in printable PDF format.

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Technology Overview